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Pregnancy Over 40

If you are a mature mother, your chances of pregnancy over 40 are good… only if you you’re prepared to invest at least 5 months in boosting your fertility naturally.

Why 5 months?

It will take you about 5 months or more to create the right kind of internal environment for a healthy pregnancy.  The right internal environment for a woman who wants to get pregnant over 40 would include:

  • Balanced hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, FSH and LH
  • A toxin-free body (from body cleansing)
  • Supplied with the right nutrients 

Something to be wary of is increasing the circulation to your uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, as this circulation carries the hormones and nutrients to your ovaries, so you can create healthy eggs.

You can boost circulation, ovarian and egg health with:

  • Chinese Fertility Massage
  •  Fertility Yoga

The Mature Mother’s Kit can provide you with the herbs you need for pregnancy over 40.

Pregnancy Over 45?

Yes, even pregnancy over 45 is possible… and you don’t have to resort to artificial procedures such as IVF.  

The first step to getting pregnant as a Mature Mother is to detox your body of any chemicals that remain in your body that can disrupt hormone balance.

The second step is to increase your intake of food-based nutrition.

Third, balance hormones naturally with herbal remedies such as FertilPlus For Women.

Fourth, get rid of stress in your life, or take steps to stop the stress from damaging your fertility.

The most important thing is to do this for at least 5 months before trying to conceive, as it takes the female body 5 months to produce a new egg.

High FSH Levels

Are you trying to get pregnant with high FSH levels?  The answer is not IVF or clomid.  This is because high FSH is also an indicator of poor egg quality, getting pregnant with unhealthy eggs will only lead to failure, miscarriage or birth defects.

So, what causes high FSH?  The primary cause of this condition in women over 35 is a declining blood supply to the ovaries. This leads to premature ovarian failure, in which the ovaries function less and less effectively, due to not getting the hormones needed.

Don’t lose hope , as pregnancy with high FSH is possible, but you will need at least 5 months to follow this natural remedy.  (It takes the female body about 5 cycles to produce a new egg, from start to finish).

This treatment for high FSH combines body cleansing with herbal remedies, nutritional supplementation and stress relief.  You can make the natural remedy more potent with a good diet, exercise and Chinese Fertility Massage and yoga.

Most of these items can be found online, and some of them are contained in a handy package called the Mature Mother’s Kit.

Pregnant At 40?

Is it possible to get pregnant at 40? The answer is yes, and this video explains how:

Pregnancy At 40

What are your chances of pregnancy at 40?   Your doctor may tell you that your FSH is too high, your ovarian reserve is low, and your egg quality is poor, but that’s not the whole story.

Actually, it is possible to get pregnant in your ’40’s, by combining the following to balance your hormones, regulate menstruation and ovulation:

  • Body cleansing
  • Antioxidants
  • Superfood Nutrition
  • Hormone balancing
  • Stress relief
  • Fertility yoga
  • Chinese fertility massage

Best of all, following this plan will improve your egg quality, as well as your chances of having a healthy baby.